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How to Print Invoices and Picklists
How to Print Invoices and Picklists

Print Picklists and Invoices for your Orders.

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To configure your invoices and picklists go to the PREFERENCES option on the menu and choose the Invoice Options and Picklist Options tab. Each tab has its own detailed instructions.

Printing Invoices and Picklists

To print an invoice or picklist for one order select the "Actions" dropdown and then click Print Invoice or Print Picklist

This will generate a PDF that you can send to your printer.

To generate invoices/picklists for multiple orders, select the orders in question using the checkboxes for each order panel as shown below.

After selecting orders a "Bulk Action" dropdown appears allowing you to perform actions for multiple orders

You can reprint invoices and picklists as many times as you want.

Invoices appear in a pop up window with a Print and Cancel option as shown:

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