Printing Labels and Fulfilling Orders

A quick and easy guide to the basic steps required to print labels and fulfill orders.

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The following steps summarise the process of creating, paying for and printing labels and fulfilling orders.

Each step may vary slightly between different carriers and may also be dependent on other settings you've configured such as whether the payment process is automatic or manual.
As an overview each of the steps here has been described as a separate process although, with some carriers, two steps may be combined. For specific carrier instructions see that carrier's section under SUPPORT on the menu.

Step 1 - Preparing your orders

By default orders from your Shopify store that are both Paid and Unfulfilled/Partially Fulfilled will appear in your Dashboard. Other import options are available if orders with Pending Payments need to be imported.

Before creating your shipping labels you should ensure that the correct Package has been selected and that the dimensions/weight (where required) are accurate. Any order options will be set automatically based on your default settings but can be edited by expanding the order and editing the Order Options.

If appropriate a shipping service will have been automatically selected based on your SHIPPING RULES, the package selected and the destination, weight and dimensions of the order. If you want to use a different service you can select the appropriate service from the list provided.

Each step in the processes described below can be completed on individual orders or on orders in bulk. If you're completing these steps in bulk select the orders you're processing by clicking the checkbox in the left column and use the Bulk Actions button at the top of the page. For individual orders use the buttons associated with each order.

Step 2 - Create Labels

The "Create Labels" process validates the order's shipment data and creates a consignment in the carrier's system.

If any errors occur the reason will be highlighted on the order. For most carriers you'll need to resolve the errors on all orders if you're creating labels in bulk.

Step 3 - Paying for Labels

This process often forms part of the previous "Create Labels" process with payment being automatically charged to a credit card or charge account with the carrier. See the carriers HELP section for specific details about paying for labels.

If the payment process does require a separate step clicking Pay/Print Labels will complete this process and trigger the next step.

Step 4 - Printing Labels

Once the prior steps have been completed (where required) a PDF file of your labels will be generated which you can then print to your printer. For most carriers you can reprint labels by choosing Actions > Reprint Label.

Step 5 - Fulfill your orders

After creating your labels you will see a new green button appear called "Fulfill Order". This process will update tracking information on the order and mark the order as Fulfilled in Shopify. You can also choose to complete a Partial Fulfillment at this point by identifying the line items in the order to be fulfilled.

Once an order is Fulfilled it will be removed from the Dashboard.

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