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Basic Overview of Common Settings for App Use.

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Many different functions and options are available to you depending on your preferences. You can use them to set your app to perform as desired.

The preferences section is for app wide preferences. (Carrier specific preferences are found by editing each Carrier connection in the CARRIERS tab of the app)

Preferences - Sender Address

When you first install the app the address shown will be obtained from your Shopify store settings. You can override your store address by editing the address on this page. This will not modify the address stored in Shopify.

Different carriers will have different minimum requirements for the Sender Address but generally a minimum of Name, Street, Suburb, State and Postcode will be required.

Ensure that you enter the correct Suburb / Town and Postcode.

You will need to enter a Name as well, but this could be your business name if you like.

Preferences - Label Options

Most carriers allow you to add some extra information to the label. The options below allow you to add data from up to three different fields.

Information that you can add includes:

  • Order Number

  • SKU List

  • SKU List (with qty of each)

  • Product Title

  • Package

  • Order Notes

The amount of data that can be added to a label varies by carrier. As much data as possible will be added in order of the preferences specified. If insufficient space exists the data will be truncated.

Note: Some carriers and services don't allow any additional data to be added to the label.

Preferences - Fulfillment Options

When you complete the fulfillment of an order you have the option of specifying whether the standard Shopify shipment notifications are sent (see Settings / Notifications / Shipping in your Shopify Admin).

Generally most merchants will want this to occur as this process sends tracking information to the customer.

Preferences - Invoice Options

If you use the app to generate invoices for your customers you'll want them to be branded appropriately. You can test to see how an invoice looks by going to your Dashboard and clicking the Actions button followed by Print Invoice.

Store Logo

Enter the URL for your logo file. This can be the logo that appears on your web site or a logo designed specifically for your invoices.

Depending on the theme you're using for your Shopify store and the browser you're using you can probably get the URL of your store logo by right clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Image Address" (in Google Chrome) or "Copy Image Location" (in Mozilla Firefox).

You can upload image files to your Shopify account by going to Settings / Files in your Shopify Admin and then click the button in the "Link" column to copy the URL of the file.

Scale Logo

If the size of your image is too large for the invoice use the slider to reduce the image size. You can't increase the image size as this would severely affect the quality of the image. If the image is too small when set to 100% we suggest you create a new, larger logo file.

Show Item Images

Product images can be displayed on the invoice for each line item. If you don't want them displayed disable this feature by clicking the green toggle switch (grey means it is disabled).

Thank you message

You can add your own thank you message to the bottom of each invoice. You can use HTML in this field so you can add images or format the text as you please.

Note: Currently only one template is available for invoices. We'll be looking at adding more templates in the future.

Preferences - Picklist Options

Select whether you want images displayed for each of the products displayed in your picklist.

Note: Currently only one template is available for picklists. We'll be looking at adding more templates in the future.

Preferences - Import Options

An option to import orders with a Pending Payment status can be turn on here. It is generally unnecessary however some merchants that offer credit facilities to wholesale customers may wish to use it.

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