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Video - How to change 'City' to 'Suburb' in Shopify checkout
Video - How to change 'City' to 'Suburb' in Shopify checkout

If you sell in Australia it is a great idea to change 'City' to 'Suburb' in Shopify's checkout to avoid address confusion.

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One of the most common addressing issues with see in the millions of orders that our app processes each year is customer's incorrectly filling in the Shopify 'City' field (for example, using a metro area name like Melbourne or Sydney) instead of their actual suburb/city.

A great way to prevent these issues and reduce errors is to change the name of the checkout field from 'City' to 'Suburb'.

This video shows you explains how:

How to edit address fields in Shopify Checkout

To change the checkout field text first go to your Shopify profile and open Settings in the bottom right:

Click on Checkout/Checkout and accounts

Scroll down to Checkout Language and click Manage checkout language.

Here you can adjust the wording, copy and language options for your store. For the purposes of this tutorial click on Checkout & System

Scroll down to the Checkout contact category

Enter 'Suburb' in the City label field

Now save using the Save button at the top and the change is done.

Refresh at a checkout page on your site to test and confirm.

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