Quick start - how to get shipping!

Basic rundown of what you need before you start.

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You can browse the menu options available in the app to familiarise yourself with the settings available or follow this simple Quick Start Guide.

Further instructions for each step is available when you click the relevant link on the menu.

Step 1 - Connect a Carrier

Click the Carriers link on the menu and choose a carrier from the "Carriers Available" list.

Step 2 - Config your Account Preferences

Click the Preferences link on the menu to modify the following:

  • Sender Address

  • Label Options

  • Fulfillment Options

  • Invoice Options

  • Picklist Options

Step 3 - Shipping Rules

Click the Shipping Rules link on the menu where you can automatically assign a carrier and service to your orders. For example, assign Express Post to orders where customers have selected an express shipping method.

Step 4 - Packages

Click the Packages link on the menu to define standard and default package sizes to make declaring package dimensions easy.


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