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Shipping Rules - Overview
Shipping Rules - Overview

Shipping and Service Automation Settings using Shipping Rules

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Access the Shipping Rules page by clicking SHIPPING RULES on the main menu.

Shipping Rules allow you to specify which Carrier and Service should be used for any orders that match that rule.

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Shipping Methods

Shipping Method rules allow you to assign keywords that may appear in an order's shipping method to a specific carrier and service. Enter a list of words or phrases below and then choose the carrier and service to assign orders that match the rule to.

For example: Enter the word express in the Keyword field and choose an express carrier / service for your express shipping orders. To enter multiple keywords for the same carrier / service separate them with a comma ie: standard, regular

When multiple Shipping Method rules have been defined they will be applied in the order that they appear below. Once a match is found that rule will be applied and no further rules will be checked.

If you've selected multiple services for a rule the cheapest valid service in the list will be used for the order.

You can move Shipping Method Rules up or down in the list or delete them at any time and the rules will be reapplied to your current orders.

Default Carrier / Service

If none of the above rules apply to an order the cheapest service available will be selected.

If you have multiple carriers you may prefer one to be chosen as the Default Carrier. This is generally unnecessary if you only have one carrier connected.

** If used make sure you select sufficient services to ensure a service can be found that will match your orders.

Cheapest Rate

If a matching rule has multiple services assigned to it the cheapest of those services will be automatically selected.
If there are no matching rules the cheapest available service is selected. This will be highlighted in the order with the message : "No matching rules - Cheapest rate used".

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