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Common Errors; Descriptions and Solutions
Common Errors; Descriptions and Solutions
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40 character address error

This is an Auspost error. It is because the address line in the order is too long. Edit the address in the app, and shorten it, or split it over 2 address lines.

Max length for each address line is 40 characters.

Auspost Labels Error - Please Confirm Payment and resubmit Print request.

Check your Mypost Account to see if the labels are visible there first.
If they have been paid and printed in Mypost Business, give it a few minutes, then reload our app. It should check the order status and refresh.

Carriers/services not showing due to rules

If you can't get services to show there are a few things to check.

  1. Make sure you have enabled all of the service that you would ship with in the Carrier settings for Mypost.

  2. Then in SHIPPING RULES, ensure for the "Default Carrier/Service" section you have enabled more thanone service. Enable all of the ones you would normally ship with (all sizes of Parcel Post and Express) - our system will automatically assign the cheapest.


The same goes for the shipping Rules.

If you select multiple options, our system will choose the cheapest one if a rule matches, eg:

International Service Restrictions Due to COVID-19

There are still significant issues with international shipping due to COVID-19 with shipping to most countries either delayed or suspended. In particular AusPost has suspended the "Economy Air" service to many destinations. Many other services have also been suspended.
More Auspost information about which services are available to particular countries is available at:

Default Package Not Set Error - Hang error at quotes and processing.

This error occurred because the orders had no default package set form them, so the quotes would continue to fail. To fix it we applied a basic default package and assigned it to the orders. Please check the default package, which you can adjust the dimensions of or select a pre-defined Auspost package. You must also check the defined weights and dimensions of the orders and adjust them before you process.

Essentially, we added the packages in to resolves the issue and would like you to double check and update them to the correct values to avoid incorrect shipping.

Error: PayPal payments must be completed from within the MyPost Business web site

As the Auspost error suggests if you pay with PayPal this can only be done in the MyPost Business portal. They cannot make this feature available via the API to apps like ours.

If you want to pay via the app you need to use a stored Credit Card from your MyPost account, or set up a Business Credit Account with them.

To change payment method in the app, go to CARRIERS, edit the carrier settings, go to Payment Settings and you can choose options there.

There are also instructions on that page on how to use each method.

To update the stored payment method such as a credit card or linked business credit account in MyPost go to

Export Declaration Number

Because the order value exceeds $2,000 you will need to obtain an Export Declaration Number. More information is available at
At this stage our app doesn't support the addition of the Export Declaration Number so you will need to manually create the label in the MyPost Business web site where you can add the Export Declaration number once obtained.

Hong Kong postcodes

While postcodes are not used in Hong Kong Australia Post still require a postcode for the order. The accepted postal code to use is 999077

I63 Email tracking not available

That is because you've selected Economy Air as the shipping service but have Email Tracking set as enabled in your default settings. Economy Air doesn't support the Email Tracking feature so either disable it on the order or disable it in your default settings.

To disable it on the order expand the order by clicking the down arrow to the right of the order and then open the Order Options section and change the "Send Email Tracking Notifications" option to "Disabled".
To change your default settings go to CARRIERS on the menu and edit your MyPost carrier by clicking the blue pencil icon. Go to the DEFAULT SETTINGS tab and scroll down to the International Settings tab and change the "Email Tracking Notifications" to "Disabled".

Please note that due to disruptions of the Economy Air service as a result of COVID most users are opting to use the International Standard service rather than the Economy Air service.
AusPost has suspended the "Economy Air" service to many destinations. More Auspost information about which services are available to particular countries is available at:

International A6 Label Error

It is a known issue with Auspost that international labels cannot be printed on an A6 label and are reviewing their systems.

Name field empty

That error occurs because you don't have anything in the Name field in the Sender address.

Go to the PREFERENCES tab, enter something in 'Name' and go back to the Dashboard to try again.

(It is an Auspost error - they require a Name in Sender address).

Payment issues

Auspost has been noted to have a few issues related to processing payments, these include failed payment and disappearing payment errors with their connection.

Please log in to MyPost Business and try to complete payment in there. If it works there, orders will update in our app in a min or two and you will then be able to Fulfill them.

If it still fails, contact Mypost support.

You can contact the Australia Post MyPost Business Support team at

Sender address preferences

This address error can also be shown if your Sender address is imcomplete or has a state/suburb/postcode mismatch.

Please go to the PREFERENCES section of the app, update your Sender address and try again.

The unit value must be at least 1

This error is from Auspost. Auspost require that for international orders all items in the order have a value of at least $1.

To resolve the issue you can edit the order in Shopify Order to ensure each item has a value of $1 or more. Then try again.

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