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MyPost Business - Payment by Paypal
MyPost Business - Payment by Paypal

Paypal Payment Method for MyPost Business in Shopify

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MyPost Business - Payment by PayPal

This option is available in your MyPost Business settings in the app. Go to CARRIERS on the menu and edit your MyPost Business connection by clicking the blue pencil icon and click the PAYMENT SETTINGS tab.

At this stage AusPost only allow automatic payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and AusPost Business Credit charge account. To use PayPal you must login to the MyPost Business web site and initiate payment there.

To use your PayPal account to pay for your consignments you will need to select the PayPal option in the "Select a Payment Method" option on the PAYMENT SETTINGS tab of your MyPost Carrier settings page.

In the "Select a Payment Option" you must choose the Manual option.

When you complete the Create Labels step your consignments will be sent to the MyPost Business system and will be visible in the Orders page of the MyPost Business web site. A warning will be shown on each order that payment has not been completed as follows:

Login to your MyPost Business account and complete the payment process for your consignments (booking a pickup if required) and then return to the app. Each order will update as paid removing the non-payment warning within about a minute. Refreshing the page will also update payment data.
After payment has been completed you can either print labels from within the MyPost Business web site or when you return to the app.


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