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MyPost Business - Payment by Charge Account
MyPost Business - Payment by Charge Account

How to enable Business Credit Charge Account Payment for the MyPost Business Shopify app.

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Charge Account Setup

You can pay for your MyPost Business consignments using a linked AusPost Business Credit Charge Account.

When you add your MyPost Business account we'll check your account to see if it has a linked AusPost Charge Account. If an account is available the option to select your AusPost Charge Account will appear in the "Select a Payment Method" option on the PAYMENT SETTINGS tab of your MyPost settings page.

If you have more than one AusPost Charge Account linked you can select which account to charge from the drop down list provided.

My Charge Account is not appearing as a payment option?

You may need to 'link' your Business Credit charge account in MyPost Business first.

Go to your Payment Methods page, then link your Business Credit Account.

Then return to the app, and reload the browser window.

Want to apply for a Business Credit Account?

If you don't have an AusPost Charge Account the option will not appear in your settings. For information about AusPost Charge Accounts contact MyPost Business Support via their web site.

Other Payment Options

In the "Select a Payment Option" you can choose whether payments are charged automatically or manually. The Manual method is often used by merchants that want to create consignments individually and then print them in bulk or book a pickup during the payment process.


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