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eParcel - How to change Label Print Size Settings (A6/A4)
eParcel - How to change Label Print Size Settings (A6/A4)

How to set Label sizes and Print Settings

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To change the label size go to CARRIERS and click the pencil icon to edit your eParcel carrier.

Then go to PRINT SETTINGS and change each of the settings to your preferred size (ie A6). When you go back to the Dashboard you can select your orders again and click Print Labels to generate a new PDF file in the new label format.

Label Size Settings

Australia Post eParcel service allows you to select from multiple label page formats.

If you're using a thermal shipping label printer such as a Dymo 4XL/5XL you would select the "A6 - 1 per page option".


This includes Standard and Express services. If you are using label stationery that allows 4 x A6 labels to be printed per page you would select the "A4 - 4 per page" option.
If you are just printing on plain paper you would probably use the "A4 - 1 per page" option and then just tape the label to your parcel.

If you have a thermal label printer you could select "A6 - 1 per page"


Like the options above, international labels can be set as well. eParcel can use the A6 template for international orders

Printer Adjustment

All PDFs are produced by the carrier systems, and are 100% the correct size.

If your labels aren't fitting your paper, ensure your printer drivers are up to date, ensure that your default printer settings are set correctly and that when printing you are not scaling the PDF when printing and choosing the correct paper size.

Some printers may require a minor adjustment if a part of the label prints off the edge of the label. This is very rare but you can adjust the position of the label in the PDF file generated by entering a value in the left or top offset fields.

If you find you need a value greater than 1 or 2 in these fields it suggests something is configured incorrectly in your printer settings. Try checking the scaling value used in your print settings. This should be set at 100% or "Actual Size" depending on the browser you're using.

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