How to Print Multiple Labels per Order or Partially Fulfill an Order

Some orders might require multiple labels, or partial shipping.

Our app provides the ability to do this during the Fulfilment process.

Step 1 - Create a label

Follow the normal process of generating a label. Set the Package to be the weight and dimensions of the item(s) you are fulfilling in the order.

In this example, an order has 4 items of different quantities.

Step 2 - Fulfill the order

(Note: to do a partial fulfilment, you must do one order at a time, using the green Fulfill Order button)

When clicking the Fulfill button, you will be presented with a pop up box allowing you to edit the number of items you are fulfilling with that label.

The order will then update, taking into account the items that were fulfilled. Note the order only has 3 SKUs left to fulfill now:

Step 3 - Reset the order

Resetting the order will revert it back to a status where you can generate another lablel and then creating another fulfilment.

To do this, use the Actions Dropdown, and select Reset order.

Then you are ready to create a new label, and another fulfilment.

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