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How to Edit an Order Address
How to Edit an Order Address

Edit Address Of Order and fix address errors.

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Editing an Order Address

You can edit an order address by clicking on the address. This will expand the address and display editable fields. Note if you are using the Dense View of the Dashboard you'll need to click the address to expand the order first and then click the address to edit it.

Click "Save" to save the address.

Common Errors

Australia Post system validate each order address (Suburb/City and postcode). Customers will enter their address in online stores as they know it, but there are a few instances where the 'official' address does not match what is entered.

If you receive a suburb/postcode error, always first check the postcode and suburb combination with Australia Post here:

Note: If you have already created a label you will need to cancel it and create a new one after making changes to the address.


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