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Dashboard Filters and settings.

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There are several filter options available on the Dashboard as follows:

Keyword Filter

The "Keyword Filter" allows you to enter some text which will immediately filter your orders as you type.

The keyword filter searches the order number, customer details and items in the order and displays all records that match the keywords entered.

Filter Tabs

A number of filter tabs automatically appear based on the status of the consignment label for an order, the carrier an order has been assigned to and if the order has been deferred. Please note that when in a tab of filtered orders the Keyword Filter only applies to the orders in that tab.

The various tabs available are as follows:

All Orders

Shows all orders except those that have been deferred regardless of the status of the label for the order.

Label Initiated

Shows orders where a consignment label has been created but has not yet been finalised (ie paid for or manifested).

Label Finalised

Shows orders where a label has been created and finalised (ie paid for or manifested). These would represent orders that are ready to be "Fulfilled".

More Filters

This list shows other filters such as:

Assigned to "carrier name"

If a rate quote has been selected for an order the order is "assigned" to that carrier. If you have multiple carriers this filter can be useful to keep your processes separate for each carrier.

Deferred Orders

An order can be "Deferred" (see the Actions help article below) which removes it from the day to day processing section of the app. This is useful if you accept pre-orders and won't be shipping an order for some time.

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