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eParcel - Refund And Cancel Labels.
eParcel - Refund And Cancel Labels.

How to refund/cancel a manifested eParcel or Parcel Contract label.

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This article is for refunding/cancelling eParcel (Parcel Contract) Labels. If you need to Refund a MyPost Business label, click here.

Once an eParcel/Parcel Contract label has been manifested, it cannot be edited or cancelled by an app. If the label has been manifested, you will have to contact Australia Post (either your Account Manager or Lodgement Support - see below) to request cancellation and refund of the label.

Separate to this process, you can 'Reset' the order in our app, which removes previous label information. (This doesn't delete the label in Auspost systems)

To Reset an order, us the Action button and choose 'Reset'. Then you can change the order and print a new label.

The eParcel Lodgement team are the best option for support.

Free call 1800 028 361

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