Packages - Overview

How to set default order dimensions and Packaging

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Packages - Overview


Most carriers require you to specify package dimensions for your orders. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't have a process for you to specify the dimensions of your products though. They only allow you to specify the weight of a product.

We allow you to easily assign a predefined or custom package size to each order therefore ensuring accurate data is provided to your carrier resulting in accurate rate quotes for your consignments.

If the carrier you're using doesn't require package dimensions we suggest just using a default of "Custom Packaging" with dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5.

Default Package

The Default Package will be assigned to each new order in your account. You can easily change the package selected in an order on the Dashboard page so just set the Default Package to the most commonly used package size.

The list of packages available to select as a Default Package include a "Custom Packaging" option where you can define the package dimensions, any Defined Packages (see below) and any carrier specific packages available with your connected carriers.

Defined Packages

If you have standard package sizes that you use regularly enter them in the Defined Packages section. You can use one as your Default Package (see above) and also easily change orders to use the Defined Package as required in the Dashboard.

A Defined Package must have a Length, Width and Height value and can optionally have a "Packaging Weight" value assigned (see below).

Package Materials

You can add a "Package Materials" weight to any Package you define. The "Package Materials" weight refers to the weight of the packaging materials such as the cardboard box itself and any other materials such as bubble wrap etc.

This weight will be added to the total weight of all products in the order to arrive at a total weight for the entire package.

Carrier Defined Packages

Some carriers define their own standard package sizes which can be used with their services. These may be satchels or boxes and could be carrier branded products. If any of the carriers you've connected have their own defined packages they'll appear in any lists where a package can be selected.

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