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How to customise the display of orders and data within the order grid.

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Every business is different and every merchant that uses our app will have different requirements for what information they need to be able to see for each order. For example some may need to be able to see an image of each product in an order whle others won't.

To meet these varying needs we've provided some options that each user of the app can adjust to meet their personal requirements. Please note that changes to these options are saved in each browser that you access the app with so that each user can change their own personal view of the app without affecting others in your organisation.

Changing Order Grid Views

There are three main "Views" or overall screen layouts that you can choose from. These can be changed by selecting the "View" option at the top of the page as shown in the screenshot below:

When you first install the app the "Dense View" is selected by default. Just click the View as shown in the screenshot to choose a different "View".

Dense View

The "Dense View" is the most compact of the views available and therefore allows more orders to be displayed on the screen. It is also the 'fastest' view of handling larger volumes of orders.

The Dense View shows a summary of data from each order but you can easily see the items in the order by moving your mouse over the # of items link. You can easily change the Packaging by clicking on it and change the shipping service selecting by clicking the dropdown list.

Clicking on other areas of the order such as the area where the order number or customer details appear will expand the order so that you can see more information. Clicking in the top row of the expanded order or the up arrow to the right hand side then closes the order again.

Open View

The "Open View" expands some of the order data by default (ie line item data) but minimises other areas such as the rate quotes obtained from connected carriers.

You can customise the "Compact View" by editing your "Display Settings" (see further information below).

Expanded View

The "Expanded View" shows all of the information available for an order and all rate quotes received from all connected carriers. With all information displayed an order will take up much of the screen.

You can customise the "Expanded View" by editing your "Display Settings" (see further information below).

Display Settings

The "Display Settings" option allows you to control what data is displayed when using the Compact or Expanded Views. Each View has its own Display Settings. Click the gear icon in the top menu row as shown in the screenshot below to access the Display Settings.

Three tabs are available, one for each of the available views. The view you're currently using will be selected by default.

For the Open and Expanded Views the Display Settings allow you to turn on and off different pieces of data on the screen and also to open or close different panels that display data (ie the panel that displays Packaging". These options are not available in the Dense View.

For example, if you don't want to see images of your products in your order just click the toggle switch next to the Products / Images option to turn images off. You can also change the image size by setting a different value in the "Size in pixels" field. You can close an open panel by turning off the "Open by default" switch where available. You can still open those panels that you've closed by default by just clicking them in the dashboard.

Orders per Page

At the top of the Display Settings you can set how many orders per page should be displayed. You can choose 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 orders. We've limited the maximum orders displayed to 200 as we've found displaying more orders that this is detrimental to browser performance. If you find that your browser appears to be lagging or responding slowly to mouse clicks try reducing the number of items displayed per page. This setting is available for each of the different views.

Note that the Dense View will perform the best for larger page sizes.

Saving Display Settings

The Display Settings data is saved in the browser you're using. If you change browsers or computers you can modify your settings without affecting other browsers or computers.

This has been done to allow different users to display different data based on their own preferences. It also means you can have different settings on your phone to those you have on your laptop or desktop computer.

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