Carriers - Overview

How to Add, Remove and Edit Carrier connections in the Australia Post MyPost Business app

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Access the Carriers page by clicking the CARRIERS option on the main menu.

Add a carrier

Each carrier will use a different method to connect to their service. In most cases you'll need to have an account created with them before you can complete a connection. Where possible we'll include instructions on how to obtain an account with each carrier.

Choose the carrier that you want to connect to from the list in the Available Carrier section and click the "+ ADD CARRIER" button. The "Activation" tab for that carrier will include further instructions on how to connect to their services.

Modify a carrier

In the Connected Carriers section click the blue pencil icon button to modify your settings for that carrier. Further instructions specific to the settings available for that carrier will be available on each tab.

Delete a carrier

Just click the red button with the X to delete the carrier connection. If you reconnect the same account with the same carrier at a later date any previous options set will be restored.


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